#23Ene: Mass protests in Venezuela against Maduro

CARACAS – Thousands of Venezuelans have taken the streets in capital Caracas to protest the socialist government of Nicolás Maduro. According to various press agencies, people have died clashing with Venezuelan security forces. The protests are a new highlight in what some call “the Caracas Spring”.

A new year, a new hope. For millions of Venezuelans suffering under the Maduro-administration, 2019 seems to have sparked a new energy that resulted in the uprising of a group of soldiers last Monday in a Caracas neighborhood. Just as Venezuelan citizens, lower-ranked soldiers suffer from the ongoing crisis. Although the uprising soldiers were quickly arrested, Venezuelans in the poorer neighborhoods – where the fundament of Maduro support was laid – took the streets in what seems to be the start of a new series of protests.

Chile, amongst other members of the Lima Group (with exception of Mexico), has announced it won't recognize the new Maduro administration.

Posted by Chile Today on Monday, January 7, 2019

Inflation is staggering in Venezuela, people suffer from hunger and over 3 million Venezuelans have fled the country. Meanwhile, Maduro has been inaugurated for his second term after winning irregular elections. The opposition-led National Assembly, that doesn´t recognize Maduro as president, has named Juan Guaido as president of Venezuela and called upon Venezuelans to take the streets today, the 23rd of January.

The date is no coincidence: exactly 61 years ago Venezuelans, through nationwide protests, threw over the military dictatorship. Calling upon citizens, military men and foreign governments, the Venezuelan opposition now tries to do the same thing. According to the latest from the BBC, four people have already died in what seems to become the biggest protest in the last two years.

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