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A new constitutional roadmap leads to frictions in the Congress

Several party leaders and government representatives met over the last couple days to discuss a path toward a new Constitution. While some said an agreement had been reached, others denied any progress. Right-wing parties threatened to abandon the process altogether.

Chilean political leaders held a series of meetings to create a roadmap toward a new Constitution. The original proposal created over the last year by a Constitutional Convention was widely rejected in a Sept. 4 plebiscite. 

Members of right-wing Chile Vamos coalition did not immediately agree to attend a meeting on Sept. 13 but eventually did so. Afterwards, heads of the National Renewal, Independent Democratic Union, and Evópoli parties said they would not go to a meeting planned for Thursday, local media reported. 

They also demanded the process be postponed to Sept. 23 and take place “without the presence of government [representatives] at this stage.”

A previous meeting, the second overall, took place Sept. 12 in Santiago. The heads of both chambers, party leaders, and government chief-of-staff Ana Lya Uriarte took part. Left-wing participants claimed the meeting yielded agreements on a new, popularly elected Constitutional Convention, an expert committee, parity, among others.

The right-wing participants, however, denied any agreements had been reached and warned premature announcements will put the negotiations at risk.


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