A New Form of Stage Fright: Funas

VIÑA DEL MAR – As the artists of this year’s Viña del Mar Festival prepare for their performances, some social groups have decided to interrupt them to make a statement. Such incidents have been occurring all summer long, with some comedians getting rocks thrown at them. The latest incident was earlier this week when the singer Américo stopped his concert to quiet down a heckler in his audience.

Since the events of October 18, funas have become commonplace in the country. This action, which consists of publicly condemning someone for something a group considers unjust, is seen by the group as a way to mete out justice when it feels the justice system has failed. Usually the funados, or targets of the funas, are politicians, those involved in the Pinochet dictatorship and men accused of sexual abuse. However, during the past few months, artists and others have also become targets.

The performers that have been most effected are comedians who use an older style of comedy, like Kike Morandé, known for his long-running late night program, “Morandé con Compañía.” He has been accused of sexism, racism, xenophobia, and homophobia. This is why, while on stage at the Río Bueno Festival on the night of February 1, he was booed and harassed as a “degenerate” until he was forced off the stage.

On that same night, Huaso Filomeno was met with an even harsher audience at the National Festival of Folklore in Chillán. His routine consists of him performing as a stereotypical farmer, making fun of farmers’ intelligence and repeating the same one-liners that have been used by other comedians. When he took the stage, he was met with boos and even had a rock thrown at him. At that point he retreated for safety reasons.

Another funa happened to Américo in his home town of Arica, where he was performing in the yearly carnival. While singing, some members of the crowd began chanting against Piñera. At that point, he told people to enjoy the carnival, that their message has been understood, and that if they didn’t like it they “could shove their fingers up their arses.” After that he finished his show and left the stage.

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Gala of the Viña del Mar Festival: Glamour in the Chilean way

The Upcoming Viña del Mar Festival — protests and protests against protests

Viña del Mar will host its annual Festival from February 23 to 28. This is one of Chile’s biggest events. This year, however, organizers are worried.

Thus far they have already canceled the gala as a sign of austerity, and the Investigations Police (PDI) are tracking possible threats of funas during the festival.

Not all funas favor the social protests. Some Evangelicals have said that they’ll sing the anthem of the Carabineros police force during Mon Laferte’s performance, as a sign of protest against her support for the social protests.

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