A third of Chilean households experienced robbery in the last 6 months

SANTIAGO – More than a third of households participating in a survey conducted by the Paz Ciudadana Foundation claim to have been victim of (attempted) robbery in the last six months. That is one of the outcomes of the Índice de Victimización 2018, presented today. The index shows that robberies get more violent, especially among lower class households.

The index, presented today, gives an overview of the safety and security of Chilean society. The 36.4% of households that state to have been victim of (attempted) robbery in the last six months, is a decrease of three percent compared to last year.

The same study showed that the amount of robberies increased for lower socioeconomic levels, whilst it decreased significantly for the higher- and middle class. Violence used during the robberies increased.

The Fear Index: people feel safer

People feel safer in Chile, according to the investigation. The work of Carabineros in the aftermath of a reported assault is being validated with a 4.6 on a scale of 1 to 7. The number of people who experience a constant feeling of fear in their environment dropped from 16.6% in 2017 to 10.8% in 2018.

Although there is a notable decrease in most numbers as indicated in the Index, numbers are still high. According to an UN report, Chile is the country in the OECD with 593 robberies per 100.000 citizens. Especially in so-called poblaciónes, where often lower-class citizens live, crime is still increasing. Police is barely present in these neighborhoods and victims of robbery often don´t go to the police, because of lack of confidence in the institutions and out of fear for repercussions.

#MapadelaVulnerabilidad shows the staggering inequality in Chile


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