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Amnesty launches campaign to support Apruebo 

Amnesty International launched a campaign in favor of the new Constitution. The NGO said the proposed Magna Carta will help fight inequality. Specifically, Amnesty highlighted stronger protections for minorities. 

Amnesty International has launched a campaign called Aprobar es Humano (Approving is Human) to support the new Constitution.

The new Magna Carta was drafted by a constitutional convention, which finished work on July 4. A plebiscite to approve or reject the proposal will take place on Sept.4. 

If approved, the new Constitution will strengthen human rights and decrease inequality, Amnesty said in a statement. 

“Amnesty International has decided to position itself on the path of justice and dignity, which is why it is supporting approval,” local head Rodrigo Bustos said, according to the statement.

Although the current Constitution also establishes economic, social, cultural and environmental rights, the proposed one ensures they apply more broadly. Especially poor citizens, children and adolescents, impaired citizens, and indigenous communities will receive more protection, Amnesty said.  

“The new Constitution is not the end point, but a starting point for constructing that path to greater equality. Approving is human and opens the way to a society of greater fairness and solidarity,” said Bustos.


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