Ana Tijoux is Back on the Screen and the Dancefloor

Ana Tijoux is back with a dance-oriented single about quarantine. She’s also debuting as an actor in a TV series. As always, she’s right in the middle of everything that happens in the world around her.

Pa Qué is the new single from Ana Tijoux. Together with the Puerto Rican rapper PJ Sin Suela, she throws herself into a Caribbean beat mixed with information and misinformation about Covid-19 and confinement.

The title refers to her attitude of not keeping quiet, Pa qué me invitan si saben cómo me pongo (‘Why invite me if you know how I get’).  PJ Sin Suela started his career supported and mentored by Residente from Calle 13 and has collaborated with artists like Bad Bunny and Jorge Drexler.

Ana Tijoux Acts for the First Time

La Jauría is a television series about violence against women. By following the instructions of the application La Jauría, a group of students in a Catholic School in Eastern Santiago starts to sexually abuse and violate female schoolmates. The series, with actors like Ana Tijoux and Oscar-winner Daniela Vega, are now running on Amazon Prime.

Tijoux explains to La Tercera that feminism is part of the discussion maybe more than ever, but at the same time there has never before been such misogynistic music on the airwaves. “Some songs make me think: Man, don’t you have a daughter, sister, mother, grandmother or partner? Men have enormous work to do, they have still not started dealing with their emotions and affection. Women are far ahead.”  

Tijoux also plays the main musical theme in the series No Estamos Solas (“We Are Not Alone”) together with the urban musician Gabo Paillao. No Estamos Solas is a song about the importance of standing up together, not tolerating that anyone takes advantage of someone else.

It has been more than five years since Tijoux made a full-length album (Vengo, 2014), but she has been productive during the last months. As always, she’s right in the middle of what happens around her. Two of her songs, Cacerolazo and Antifa Dance, are directly related to the protests, and Libertad is part of the soundtrack to the movie Pacto de Fuga.

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