Anarchist Group Claims Attacks on Santiago Police Station

SANTIAGO – Through a statement on an international website, an anarchist group has claimed responsibility for the two explosive devices sent last week. One of the explosives detonated inside the Huechuraba police station, injuring eight policemen. Authorities are investigating the claim.

A further unidentified anarchist group has claimed responsibility for sending explosive devices last Thursday to a Huechuraba police station and former Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter. The explosive in the police station exploded, injuring eight policemen and heavily damaging the building. The other explosive was deactivated by explosive experts from police forces, before it was opened by the addressed.

On the international website Contrainfo, the group has published a statement where they explain their motives behind the chosen targets. “Rodrigo Hinzpeter was minister of Internal Affairs during the previous government of Sebastián Piñera and was in charge of unleashing repression on struggling Mapuche communities, anarchist- and student movements.”

“Manuel Guzmán is a senior police officer from the Huechuraba police station, in charge of repressing and controlling the territory where in 1998 his former colleagues murdered fellow anarchist Claudia Lopéz during the September street clashes.”


Claudia Lopéz became a face of the Chilean anarchist movement, after she died during clashes with police forces after a commemoration of the coup d´état in Chile in September 11, 1998. Lopéz was hit by a police bullet in the back of her head during the protest, causing outcry from human rights organizations. No one got ever convicted for the assassination of Lopéz.

Talking with the news show Expreso Bío Bío, Secretary of the Internal Affairs Rodrigo Ubilla said “it shouldn’t be taken for granted that these are the true authors. It is just a publication in a digital portal”. Ubilla added authorities are investigating the claim.

The attacks were also linked to a group of so-called ecoterrorists, who claimed to be behind earlier attacks on CEO’s of large state companies in Chile and the explosions on a Transantiago bus stop earlier this year.

What’s in the new Anti-Terrorism Law in Chile?


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