Andean Museum scene of a violent theft 

Andean Museum was the scene of a violent theft that occurred earlier, where valuable ancient artifacts were stolen. The museum’s management has released a statement addressing the events, and asking those who are responsible to not destroy the artifacts and the history they share.  

At around 4:30 p.m. on June 5, a violent theft occurred at the Andean Museum of Viña Santa Rita in Buin. The museum has released a public statement discussing the events. 

According to the statement, the robbery occurred only 25 minutes before closing. During the time of these events, the museum was full of visitors and facility staff. The robbery lasted only 3 minutes, during which time the intruders fired gunshots within the building and destroyed the exit barriers using their vehicles. 

In an interview with Radio Bío Bío’s Could Be Worse, Elena Carretero, manager of Corporate Affairs at the Andean Museum said that “they entered with cars, shooting, broke the barriers and reduced the guard who sees the main access.”

To describe the artifacts stolen, the statement from the museum said, “this collection included a sample of gold pieces of pre-Columbian art dating from approximately 400 AD. to 1,500.”

The museum said they have 10,000 children and 50,000 adult visitors annually who come from across Chile to learn about “pre-Columbian cultures through these few vestiges that are currently preserved.” 

“We hope that the pieces are not destroyed and we can recover them to continue making them available to the entire community,” said the Museum as their final words of in their statement. 


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