Antofagasta welcomes autumn with orchestra

ANTOFAGASTA – On March 22, the Antofagasta Symphony Orchestra put on a free “Welcome Autumn” concert in front of the Retreta Kiosk in Parque Brasil in the city of Antofagasta. The concert also included several artistic surprises.  

Sponsored by the city and its cultural center, and chaired by the city’s Mayor Karen Rojo Venegas, the concert was intended to strengthen the cultural industry in the northern municipality.

Over 1,000 people of all ages attended, and the audience enjoyed a special treat when the Ballet de Cámara and the group Tango Arrabaleros 2000 accompanied some of the music with their dancing.

Christian Baeza, Director of the Antofagasta Symphony Orchestra, said that this concert opens a series of new concerts the orchestra will perform in the city, as reported by as reported by “We have about 15 extraordinary concerts to perform in several locations in Antofagasta. We want to get everywhere so that new audiences know our work.” He added.

Baeza said the orchestra will be in parks, churches, and educational institutions all over Antofagasta every month.The orchestra highlighted several music tracks of dances, such as: Hungarian dance No. 5, Libertango and Waltz of the Swan Lake Suite. It also included music from the movie Gladiator.

Mario Morales, a professional dancer from the Ballet group, looked exhausted but exhilarated after finishing his role. He told Chile Today he does not consider his dance at the concert a job but a hobby—to make the people of Antofagasta enjoy the moment. “I am so happy that hundreds of people came today to join us in this special concert. I am really happy that we could be a part of this concert that conveys the beauty and the unity of the Antofagasta. It’s a big opportunity to move the ballet from the theatre to the public.” Morales thanked those attending the concert, promising them more in the future.

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