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Apruebo vs. Rechazo: Watch the Campaign Videos Here

SANTIAGO – Since Aug. 26, different organizations and political parties have been campaigning for the Apruebo and Rechazo options for the Oct. 25 referendum on a new constitution. From music to comedy, both sides have released videos that have already become viral sensations. Their efficacy remains to be seen.

In a referendum on Oct. 25, Chile will decide whether it wants a new constitution – and the mechanism to rewrite it – or to keep the current one and go on reforming it piece by piece. The official campaign period started on Aug. 26 and the groups campaigning for the Apruebo (“Approve”) and Rechazo (“Reject”) options immediately launched new audiovisual content to reach voters.

Apruebo Campaign

Higher pensions, less corruption, a better healthcare system, and high-quality education are some of the demands behind the protests, and many think that these can only be achieved by rewriting the constitution. Groups campaigning for Apruebo also say the current constitution is illegitimate because it was written under Pinochet’s dictatorship.

Progressive Convergence, a group consisting of the Socialist Party, the Radical Party (PR), and the Party For Democracy (PPD), launched with content primarily created by the Socialist Party. Among several videos, one of the most viewed is a rap production that calls to vote for a “blank paper” to rewrite the constitution from scratch.


The PR also launched its own content with “reflective thoughts” on the reasons to vote for Apruebo, with a mix of humor and critiques of Pinochet’s dictatorship.

PPD members also started sharing their content.

Yo Voto Apruebo (“I Vote Approve”) is a campaign launched by the Christian Democrats. Some of their videos call to take care of each other during the pandemic and to stay home so we can “come together” on Oct. 25.

Que Chile Decida (“Let Chile Decide”) was launched by the Broad Front. They released several videos focusing on the mechanism to write a new constitution, calling to vote for a constitutional convention over a mixed convention.

The group Apruebo Chile Digno (“I Approve Worthy Chile”), consisting of the Progressive Party, the Communist Party, the Equality Party, and the Green Social Regionalist Federation, also shared content with reasons to vote for a new constitution and reminding people to wear face masks.

National Renewal (RN) has published videos explaining that even though some of their members are campaigning for different options, they all want the same thing: “the best for Chile.” The content calling to vote for Apruebo says that the rewriting of the constitution does not start with a blank page, but that it is built on “everything good in Chile.”


Rechazo Campaign

Those groups campaigning for Rechazo argue that rewriting the entire constitution will take too long. Many say that there is no need to “bring the whole house down” to improve health, education, and pensions. Others call on the public not to “give in to violence and pressure.

The RN is internally divided, with some campaigning for Apruebo while others have been actively promoting Rechazo. The latter members have come together under the slogan “Reject to Reform,” mainly trying to point out the long time it would take to rewrite the constitution, at least two years according to the video shared by Congress Member Diego Schalper (RN). 


The Rechazo group has also released several comedic videos mocking the logic that a new constitution will solve Chile’s problems. 


The Independent Democratic Union (UDI) is also experiencing division. Some members have declared they will vote for Rechazo. Others, like the party’s president Jaqueline Van Rysselberghe, say the plebiscite lacks legitimacy, and some argue that it should not be done due to the pandemic. 

However, a handful of UDI Congresspersons have shown their support for the approval of a new constitution, such as Providencia Mayor Joaquín Lavín and Estación Central Mayor Rodrigo Delgado.

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