At least 9 dead after traffic accident in Valdivia

MÁFIL – A crash between a truck, a car and a van on a bridge near Valdivia on Wednesday night has killed at least nine people. 11 others were injured. The accident caused chaos on the route between Valdivia and Máfil, as Carabineros cut off the road on both ways.

During rush hour on the Iñaque bridge, on the route that runs between Valdivia and Máfil in the Los Lagos region, a truck, a car and a van crashed. The van was transporting dialysis patients and got stuck under the back of the truck. Several of the patients in the van died trapped under the heavy weight of the load.

According to news outlet Bíobío, a crane was used to move the truck to remove the bodies of the victims. Nine people, five men and four women, died as a result of the collision, while 11 more got injured. Seven of them were treated in a nearby hospital with grave injuries.

The cause of the accident is still being investigated. Witnesses told TV broadcaster T13 that the driver of the car lost control of the steering wheel and crashed into the truck, which came from the other direction. The truck, trying to avoid the vehicle, smashed into a van transporting the dialysis patients to the hospital of Valdivia.

All the people in the car died. The other five casualties were drivers and patients from the hospital van.

Among the injured was a minor who got rescued by bystanders. The minor had to be brought to the hospital by personal transport, as ambulances had difficulties reaching the scene. The parents of the infant died in the accident.


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