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Can you believe it? The 2021 presidential race has started

SANTIAGO – Two members of the PPD party declared their intention to run in the next presidential election. They have announced their candidacy even though current president Sebastián Piñera assumed office barely four months ago. Know who are the contenders.

Ricardo Lagos Weber and Jorge Tarud, both of left-wing party Partido por la Democracia PPD (Spanish acronym) came out as the first official contenders in the 2021 campaign.

Senator Lagos Weber highlighted his capability to plan a political campaign: “I think I have the maturity, and I am willing to participate in the next presidential election,” he said according to CNN Chile. More generally he insisted he can boost a collective progressive project to improve economic development for everyone.

Lagos Weber urged the need for the unification of criteria about the evaluation of the country’s development as well as its challenges. The politician believes this will be possible by uniting the center-left parties behind one perspective. Notably, Lagos Weber points to the right-wing as example as mayor Lavín and housing minister Monckeberg have defended social and territorial inclusion in the suburb of Las Condes.

Jorge Tarud, the other candidate, made a stand by saying “I am absolutely disposed to compete with Ricardo Lagos Weber, with [ex-former foreign minister and current PPD head] Heraldo Muñoz, and whoever wants to contest the next presidential election.” Tarud highlighted his exceptional, error-free trajectory in politics and handling of the state’s affairs.

He cautioned that the right-wing coalition has already set up their candidacies, but keeps a lid on them for tactical reasons. According to Tarud, Felipe Kast, his brother José Antonio Kast, Manuel José Ossandón, and Joaquín Lavín are already in a discreet campaign mode.

This is not the first time Jorge Tarud launches a presidential campaign. In 2016, he ran while serving on the foreign affairs commission regarding Chile’s defense in The Hague in the conflict with Bolivia over sea access. Yet, Tarud refrained from exploiting his participation in the commission for political ends in the 2016 campaign.


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