Catrillanca case: INDH releases report on torture of 15-year-old boy

SANTIAGO – The National Institute for Human Rights (INDH) has presented a report with evidence of torture of the 15-year-old boy who accompanied Camilo Catrillanca during the fatal shooting in the commune of Ercilla. The boy himself received death threats after being arrested by Carabineros, while his father, who was detained one day after the shooting, was physically attacked. The report has been sent to La Moneda.

When Camilo Catrillanca (24) passed by on a tractor, and was killed, during a shootout between armed men and members of the elite force GOPE (also known as the Jungle Commando), he was accompanied by a 15-year-old boy. The boy was arrested by Carabineros and was questioned at police headquarters. The way he was interrogated can be qualified as torture, the National Institute for Human Rights (INDH) says in a recently published report.

The boy received death threats, while his father, who was arrested one day after, received a beating from Carabineros. The officers in charge also told the boy they would kill his father if he didn’t cooperate. The INDH filed legal actions for the alleged threats against the child.

Catrillanca case: process against suspected Carabineros starts

According to the Carabineros, the father of the 15-year-old boy was arrested for public intoxication, along with two other men, as they caused disorder in the commune of Temucuicui. When the Carabineros found out the identity of the man, he received a beating, according to the INDH report.

In an interview with Radio Cooperativa, Rodrigo Bustos, head of the legal unit of the INDH, explained that “the father of the teenager who was there when Camilo Catrillanca was murdered was the victim of a beating by four police officers, while he was detained at the police station.”

The INDH has handed over the report to La Moneda and confirms Minister of Internal Affairs Andrés Chadwick will oversee the investigation.


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