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Chile Approaches Half a Million Covid-19 Cases

Chile Approaches Half a Million Covid-19 Cases

SANTIAGO — The Health Ministry’s epidemiology department has released its 47th epidemiological report. According to the document, almost half a million cases were registered by end-August. The most affected areas are the Metropolitan Region, Valparaíso Region, and Biobío Region.

Chile has the 11th highest number of Covid-19 cases in the world, according to the epidemiology department’s report from Sept. 2. The first case was registered in March, and the number rose to 462,228 by Aug. 30. The number includes cases confirmed with a PCR test and suspected cases.

Yet, during the daily update Tuesday, Health Minister Enrique Paris said that 414,739 cases have been registered since March. Unlike the epidemiological report, this number includes only PCR-test confirmed cases.

In the same press conference, Arturo Zúñiga, Undersecretary of Healthcare Networks, said Covid-19 caused 11,344 deaths in total and 23 in the 24 hours before the announcement. “According to information from the Department of Statistics and Health Information (DEIS), this is the lowest number registered since we started reporting [numbers] from DEIS.”

However, the epidemiological report includes 15,608 Covid-19 related deaths, also “according to information provided by DEIS through Aug. 29.”

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Variation Of Cases by Region

The Metropolitan Region – with a population of 7.1 million, according to the latest census has been the worst-hit. According to the report, the region has seen 304,233 cases and 11,201 deaths, leaving a fatality rate of 3.7%.

Valparaíso Region – with a population of 1.8 million – is the second worst hit, with 31,637 cases and 1,149 deaths. The fatality rate is also 3.7%. At the press conference, Paris said “we are worried … they are at a standstill with the numbers.” In the south, Biobío Region – with a population of 1.5 million people – has registered 19,703 cases, making it the third-most affected. However, it is the sixth region regarding deaths, with 385.

Antofagasta Region in the north has the fourth highest number of cases, 19,084, and the third highest regarding deaths, 595.

Most Affected Districts

Puente Alto, Maipú, and Santiago Center, all in the Metropolitan Region, have a combined population of 1.5 million and registered the highest number of cases through August. Puente Alto remains in Phase I (Quarantine) of the government’s transition plan, which means residents can leave their houses only two times a week, with a special permit, and only to buy essential supplies. Maipú and Santiago are in Phase II (Transition) of the plan, meaning residents can leave their homes freely from Monday to Friday.

Although the Metropolitan Region has been the worst-hit overall, most active cases are in Punta Arenas (966), Concepción (605), Arica (592), Antofagasta (550), and Coquimbo (502). These areas remain in Phase I, that is, under strict quarantine, even though Punta Arenas and Concepción were previously in Phase III with laxer regulations.

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