Chile launches website to compare medicine prices

SANTIAGO – The Chilean government launched a website to compare medicine prices. With this page anyone can consult about the price and where to find a certain medicine.

President Piñera launched “Tu Farmacia” in family health center CESFAM Dr. Luis Ferrada Urzua, in the Santiago neighborhood Maipu. Via the internet Chileans are able to see the best price for a medicine, a relevant description, and where to most conveniently find it. At “Tu Farmacia” citizens can find all relevant information, including product specifications, by typing the name of the medicine in the search box. The only information opinions users need to supply is their location, and after providing it they will also receive the opening hours of pharmacies that sell the relevant drug.

According to the Ministry of Health, MINSAL, the website’s database contains up to 12,000 items, and with the implementation of the tool drug prices are expected to fall between 10 and 15%. During the launching event health minister Emilio Santelices highlighted: “Now we have the prices comparator that will allow people to know about the comparative value of the drug they have to ingest to treat their conditions.”

Moreover the government has established the Drugs Law II, whose purpose is to oblige medicine distributors and other pharmaceutical players to deliver the prices. This way the web page shows citizens the real cost of medicines, so the process of obtaining the information will be transparent. Related to the law Senator Guido Girardi said that “the law will also allow the National Supply Center of Health Products “Cenabast” to register the medicines big labs don’t want to bring an make available for small pharmacies.”

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