Chile receives Russian oil despite siding with Ukraine

In the wake of EU sanctions imposed after the invasion of Ukraine, Russia has been diversifying its oil customer base. A shipment is headed for Chile. In February 2022, Chile condemned the invasion and sided with Brussels.

Even though Chile was among the regional countries that condemned  Russia’s invasion of Ukraine most strongly and unequivocally sided with the EU, it is receiving 73,000t of Russian diesel, Reuters reported.

The cargo left Primorsk port and headed for Guayacan port in La Serena.

Faced with EU sanctions, Russia expanded its global oil customer base, including in Latin America. According to Reuters, Russia exported 1.5Mt of diesel to Latin America, mainly Brazil, between January and April.

In February 2022, President Gabriel Boric tweeted, “Russia has opted for war as a way to resolve conflicts. From Chile, we condemn the invasion of Ukraine, the violation of its sovereignty, and the use of illegitimate force. Our solidarity is with the victims, and our humble efforts are with peace.”

EU sanctions include the prohibition of trade in seaborne crude oil and certain petroleum products from Russia and price caps on seaborne crude oil, petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals.

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