Chilean artists association honors Jorge González

SANTIAGO – Chilean singer Jorge González received one of the most important national music awards. The SCD, made up of artists like singers and writers, granted González the ‘Fundamental Figure in Chilean Music’ award. “It has been an emotional surprise,” remarked the musician.  

Chilean musician Jorge González received national recognition from the influential association of national artists, SCD. The vocalist, bass player, composer and leader of Los Prisioneros rock band received the award that celebrates the most important artists and bands on the national stage, confirming his band as one of the most popular and influential in Chile.

González got the award, which is granted since 1989, in a ceremony surrounded by close friends and family. An SCD release said that “this distinction recognizes the remarkable input of the artist to Chilean music, since his beginning with Los Prisioneros to his solo career, which has taken him on a diverse trajectory for more than 30 years.”

During the ceremony, Chilean musicians like Cristóbal Briceño from Ases Falsos, Los Vásquez and Francisca Valenzuela honored González by playing some of his songs.

“I’m very happy, it was very good. I liked the version my friends made of Corazones. I had a very good time. It has been an emotional surprise. Besides, I released a new single today named Manchitas, and I will release another song soon,” González said.

Horacio Salinas, leader of Inti-Illimani Histórico, highlighted González’s great influence on Chilean music. “His music came up in a very special moment for the country, when there was darkness in society. The value of Jorge González and Los Prisioneros is in the origin of their music, which is a testimonial work, born in that age’s madness, from a rejected youth that could feel the freshness of Jorge’s songs,” Salinas said.


Jorge González recorded six albums with Los Prisioneros, including La Voz de los 80 (1984), Pateando Piedras (1986), La Cultura de la Basura (1987), Corazones (1990), Los Prisioneros (2003), and Manzana (2004). After the band split in 1991 (it reunited in 2001 and split again in 2006), González started a solo career, during which he also released six albums. Jorge González (1993), El Futuro se Fué (1994), Mi Destino (1999), Libro (2013), Trenes (2015), and Manchitas (2018).

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