Chilean football signing goes forward – here are the changes so far

SANTIAGO – Soccer season continues. First division clubs will now go to the second round, and as the season’s end approaches, teams are signing new players.

The Chilean soccer market is becoming more interesting as the second season starts. Many players are being signed and each team may get up to three new players through the transfer window. Those players shouldn’t have played with any other Chilean team during the first round. Here are some of them:

One of the latest players top-team Colo Colo signed for the second round is Lucas Barrios. The Argentine-born Paraguayan forward successfully played with the team during the 2008 season. Also known as La Pantera (The Panther), he is considered an effective striker.

Universidad de Chile announced signing 27-year-old forward Sebastián Urbilla and Frank Darío Kudelka as new technical director. The Argentine trainer is already working with the team to face the 2018 second round.

Universidad Católica presented forward Sebastián Sáez (33), the highest scorer with Audax Italiano during the 2012 season, when he scored 13 goals in 23 matches.

Audax Italiano acquired Paraguayan Cristian Bogado (31). During his career he has scored 136 goals. He played for Iquique in 2019, where he scored nine goals during the opening tournament. Later he played for Colo Colo, where he helped the team defeat Universidad Católica 4:2, setting it on course to its 29th first division title. After a stint in Paraguay, he’ll now be a substitute player for Audax.

Argentine midfielder Darío Bottinelli (31) was also presented by Audax. Bottinelli has played in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and Brazil. He played for Universidad Católica en 2010, when they won the first division.

Universidad de Concepción acquired the forward Nicolás Orellana (22), who debuted in 2012 at age 17. Orellana has played for Colo Colo (2012-2015), San Marcos de Arica (2015-2016), Everton (2016-2017),and Colo Colo again (2017-2018).

Everton announced the acquisition of Argentine technical director Javier Torrente, who was director of Mexican Club León until August 2017, when he was fired. Chilean forward Álvaro Ramos is also to reinforce Everton. One of Ramos’ best performances so far was with Deportes Iquique in 2010. That year he was voted as the best Chilean player.

More players could be signed for the 2018 Copa Chile as the deadline for the transfer window will remain open until August 12.

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