Climate Alerts After Cold Weather Forecast

SANTIAGO – Intensive rains and winds across the center and south of country have caused school to close in some areas of the country. The interior ministry’s emergency bureau Onemi has called for a red alert on the city of Osorno, due to the possible overflow of Rahue river. Authorities foresee more precipitations.

Due to the cold front that affects Chile, the government has activated contingency plans. Some communes in the south and center of Chile have been affected heavily by the bad weather. The intensive precipitations and winds have caused the cease of scholar activities during this week. In addition, the National Emergency Office of the Interior Ministry decreed red alert on Osorno, as water in the Rahue river are rising to dangerous heights.

Onemi called for the alert after the General Direction of Water DGA (Spanish acronym) provided information about river Rahue condition. According to the release, the current water level is 4.24 meters, which produced the increase of the alert from yellow to red. In addition, the emergency institution keeps on coordinated labor to face the cold front.

Preventive measures taken

In response to the climate warnings released by the Chile’s Meteorological Direction DMC for next weekend and Monday, the National Civil Protection System organizations met again at the Onemi’s office. The aim of the meeting was to discuss preventive measures, in case emergencies associated to the cold front would increase. Led by the Onemi’s director Ricardo Toro, the gathering was aimed to define the specific protocol to follow in case of a meteorological emergency.

After the meeting, Toro said that three events associated to the cold front have been identified. The first one will show up on the Saturday early morning, from the Bío Bío region, north headed. The front is featured by water and snow on the pre-mountain range, and just snow on the mountain range sectors. The cold front is foreseen to get to the center zone that same day.

In the Metropolitan region, the situation will be preceded by moderate-to-intensive winds around the cordillera, which could extend until Sunday early morning. In addition, snowfall is expected the whole Monday. In the Atacama region extremely weather is expected, and a new colder pulse is expected to get to the region of Los Ríos, going north and leaving snow on the pre-mountain range sectors and center-south valleys as it passes by.

Due to the situation predicted, Onemi urged all sectors of civil protection to remain attentive on any irregular situation. In addition, the institution asked the different regional authorities to maintain a proper information outlet, so the citizens can be aware about any warnings.

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