Closing of Editorial Televisa in Chile: The end of Condorito?

SANTIAGO – After 26 years of publications, multi media company Grupo Televisa S.A. announced that it will close its Chilean subsidiary. Around 70 people will lose their job. For Chile, it could mean they lose an emblematic cultural figure: Condorito.

Televisa S.A, one of the largest mass media companies in Latin-America, announced that it will close its Chilean subsidiary, as Televisa S.A. is nearly bankrupt. Earlier, they closed their Argentine and Colombian subsidiaries.

The publisher, active in Chile for 26 years, will stop publishing, which means that the publications of the magazine Caras and the emblematic national comic Condorito will be stopped until further notice. In addition to these magazines, they will stop publishing the magazine Muy Interesante, Club Nintendo, Tú, Cosmopolitan, among others.

Hard times for Chilean publications

The closing of Televisa in Chile leaves around 70 workers without work. According to daily La Tercera, 90% of the members of Editorial Televisa were women and to date, they had only been informed that the company “had a very large debt”.

Until now the company has not commented on the matter. It is only known that the lawyers of the Mexican multinational are negotiating a compensation deal with their workers. The company’s idea is to pay only 50% of the compensation.

According to the digital media, El Dinamo, the company announced that the publications will not continue in digital format.

The closure of Editorial Televisa in Chile is a new chapter in the difficult times publications in Chile are experiencing. Since a couple of months ago, the closing of the magazine Qué Pasa, La Hora, Paula and Cosas magazine was announced.

The end of Condorito?

The closing of Televisa means, for now, the end of comic Condorito, one of the most important and iconic comics in Chile. The comic had been published since 1949.

Diego González, Editor of Comics at Editorial Planeta, explains to Chile Today what Condorito means for the country: “Condorito is Chile. All the characters appearing in Condorito, are us, the Chilean society, caricatured.”

González does not think that with the closing of Televisa, Condorito will disappear. “Condorito exists in several editorials (…) I do not think it will disappear. He is a very beloved character”.

According to González, the question that remains, is “how Condorito is going to transform, now that the more traditional format is disappearing”.

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