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Constitutional Council election under way

Chile is holding its Constitutional Council election on May 7. Chileans head to the polls to elect 50 members to the council, who will draft a proposed new constitution. Voting is mandatory.

Chileans head to the polls on May 7 to elect 50 members to the Constitutional Council. The council will be responsible for coming up with a proposed new constitution. Voting is mandatory for Chileans 18 years old and up.

The May 7 Constitutional Council election is a result of the rejected Constitution reform last September. Many deemed the initially proposed Constitution too leftist and lacking balanced representation.

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The Constitutional Council this time will consist of 50 members, or “constitutional advisors,” who will be directly elected by the people.

To ease the voting process, the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications has made the subway Metro free to ride throughout May 7, Sunday, with extended hours to 11 p.m.

Voting closes at 6 p.m. Those who do not vote could face a fine between $31,537 and $189,222 pesos. Exceptions are made for people who are ill, absent from the country or in a place more than 200 kilometers away from their electoral address on election day, or have another impediment to voting proven to the satisfaction of a judge.

The national railway EFE is also making its trains free for the routes between:

  • Temuco – Victoria
  • Line 1 and 2 of Biotrén
  • Corto Laja
  • Talca – Constitución
  • Nos – Alameda
  • Rancagua – Alameda
  • Limache – Puerto

For voters in the Metropolitan Region, a website is available to help voters determine how to get to the polls, and on the national level there are more than 2,500 service routes available in rural and isolated areas. A website with routes scheduled for every region is available.

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