Creators in Quarantine: Benjamín Marambio

In almost every aspect of our lives, the past weeks have been amongst the most taxing in modern history. COVID-19 has infiltrated nearly all aspects of our daily routines, from our work and family schedules to friend dates and hobbies. Partial to full lockdowns have caused the closure of restaurants, retail stores, and public entertainment venues that host galleries, concerts, sporting events, plays, conventions, films, and more.

Arts organizations continue to struggle with the disastrous cost and ramification of closing their buildings, and freelance artists of all trades are adapting to their careers and incomes being on hold. Despite these challenges, Chilean artists have devised innovative and resourceful expressions of creativity and resilience as performers of all disciplines transition to e-commerce, host online classes and performances, and offer virtual tours of art exhibitions.

In this series, we will meet Chilean artists who are adapting their lives and careers amid a global pandemic. Learn about what has inspired their artistic journey, the challenges they’re learning to overcome, and how they find support in their communities.

Meet Benjamín Marambio

Photographer and Filmmaker

1. Can you tell me about your work, and how you began your professional journey?

I am a photographer and filmmaker and began accepting freelance roles during my time with an interior design agency. Within a few months, the demand for independent projects increased, so I quit my job at the agency and began working full time in photography and videography. Although client acquisition can be difficult at times, I’m grateful because this is my dream job.

2. How has the quarantine affected your business? Have you needed to postpone or cancel appointments?

The quarantine has depleted my client requests. It is difficult to admit, but I have no external projects right now. Generating income is nearly impossible as I cannot leave home, so I am living off of savings. My contract with Lollapalooza was postponed, and all client payments are on hold. On a lighter note, I’ve enjoyed dedicating my time to creating content for my YouTube channel and working on personal projects. 

3. How can the community support you from home? Are you working on products available for purchase online? Do you have gift cards available that can be used at a later date?

I was attempting to earn money from projects, such as selling Lightroom Presets, but right now, many consumers lack discretionary funds for non-essential goods and services. Chile is experiencing an economic crisis; people are being fired from work or having their payments cut or suspended. I’m considering selling a basic photography course, but big brands like Nikon, Sony, Canon, and photography stores are offering free versions – the competition is fierce.

4. What is the best way to connect with you online?

Instagram: @nanvo


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