CT Top 5: The articles of the week

Every weekend, Chile Today looks back at everything that happened last week, highlighting the best articles that appeared on our website and in other international press. Sit back and enjoy CT´s Top 5: the articles of the week.

March against racism in Santiago – Anthony Hill

A video report that sparked a lively debate on the Facebook page of Chile Today, showing that the racism within Chilean society Anthony Hill reported on can be found everywhere.

Fernando Matthei, a belated obituary – Christian Scheinpflug

Fernando Matthei – A belated obituary

Although Matthei already passed away a year ago, his influence on the military dictatorship and Chile in the years after was so big, it is never too late for an obituary.

Santa Lucia Art and Craft Market – Kateryna Kurdyuk

Santa Lucia Art and Craft Market – a society of dedication

Part II of our series on markets in Santiago. Not only gives the article a perfect insight in one of Santiago’s best known markets, also the background of the society that founded the market is very interesting.

Chile awaits a hot summer – Boris van der Spek

Chile awaits a hot summer – one that could damage the entire country

Not only Santiago, all regions in Chile are suffering under climate change. And as summers are getting hotter in the country, it is time to take permanent measures.

San Pedro de Atacama: Chile´s archeological capital – Maria Paz Rodriguez

San Pedro de Atacama – Chile’s archeological capital

From hot summers it is a small step to San Pedro de Atacama. The town in the Atacama desert is more than just a tourist hotspot: it is an archeological goldmine.


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