CTInnovation: Genia Is Unzipping The Code For A Healthy Life

In this series, we will meet entrepreneurs who have developed Chilean enterprises that offer revolutionary products and innovative services. Their business objectives are pioneering and disrupting industries within the South American and international markets. Learn about their inspirational journeys, the challenges they’re learning to overcome, and how their ambition supports underrepresented communities. These companies stand out in their commitment to sustainability, culture, organization, leadership, creative process, and use of strategic assets.

Genia is more than a DNA testing kit; it is a detailed road map to living a healthy and energetic life.

Global healthcare systems treat health and wellness as a one size fits all service. Yet, humans vary drastically in their genetic makeup and expression. As consumers are inundated with fad diets and fitness apps, making educated self-care decisions without a doctor can be difficult. Recognizing the need, Naomi Berman, Genia’s co-founder and CEO, set off on a mission to empower consumers to make better and personalized decisions about their bodies through their genetic information.

Genia is a digital wellness company that transforms DNA into actionable information for early detection, prevention, and personalized health management. The company offers customized reports based on an individual’s DNA that explains their genetics and how they influence ancestry, nutrition, skin, fitness, and health. 

Clients can choose between three personalized kits: ancestry, health, and wellness. The ancestry kit reveals ethnic origins that provide users with details on their family’s roots. Users who opt for the wellness kit learn how to optimize their diet and exercise routines for muscle development, nutrient metabolization, sensitivity to allergens, among other areas. The health kit analyzes the fifty-nine genes indicated by the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) and contains clear medical guidelines based on any detected conditions.

The process is simple, secure, and accurate. Clients order their DNA testing kit through the company’s website. Then they are immediately connected to a Genia team member who walks them through each step of the process. The user deposits a small saliva sample into a plastic tube, then places the test inside of a shipping envelope. Next, the company handles delivery to a US CLIA-certified laboratory. While the genetic material is processed by FDA approved scientists and doctors, email updates are sent to the client. A detailed report is dispatched within a few short weeks, allowing the patron to take new steps towards living an optimized healthy lifestyle. 

Vision and Growth

Genia’s vision is to become an empathetic brand that connects Latin Americans with tools to improve their well-being. They strive to be honest and transparent while inspiring body positivity. “I founded Genia because I believe that there is a health revolution taking place and that people should start taking control of their health and stop feeling like their options are limited,” says Berman. 

Berman relocated from New Jersey, USA, to Santiago, Chile, in 2015. After leaving a business career in New York, she invested time into examining what she wanted to contribute to the world. Berman decided to pursue a career in science, and, after her life took an unexpected turn, a flame was lit in her entrepreneurial spirit, and Genia was born. She was accepted into Startup Chile’s Startup Factory program, which helped open doors and accelerate the budding business.

Berman established Genia in Chile because there is a prevalent lack of diversity within genetic studies, with white Europeans being the primary subjects. New medical treatments based on limited sample research results can have unexpected consequences for underrepresented ethnicities. “Genia’s goal is to unlock the Latin American genome to discover novel traits and therapies specific to Latin Americans,” states Berman.

Genia’s team consists of five key players: Berman, the co-founder, the director of creativity, a genetic counselor, and a lawyer. On establishing her team, Berman believes that “your team is everything, and when beginning a company, it can make or break your project. Finding the right team was one of the hardest parts of establishing Genia. Our team works harmoniously together, and we are ready to scale.”

With an ambitious team and clear goals, Genia is setting its sights on expansion. The enterprise will soon offer new reports based on stress and sleep. It is also designing surprising additions such as Genia’s Wine Match to help wine aficionados discover how their genetics interact with wine tasting experiences. The company’s long-term goal is to grow and scale to all Latin American countries, but in a way that does not compromise its personal touch. 

To embark on your genetic exploration, visit, or @genia_adn on Instagram. To learn more, write to 

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