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Cultural sector, civic and professional organizations come out for Boric

Singers, artists, actors, NGOs and professional organizations have expressed their support for Gabriel Boric, adding to a growing list of political parties backing the leftwing candidate. Boric also discussed cultural contributions during an event. Whether the support will make a difference in the runoff remains to be seen.

Pedro Pascal, Francisca Valenzuela, Ana Tijoux are among the hundreds of Chilean artists who expressed their support for leftwing presidential Gabriel Boric. On Sunday, during a hybrid online/offline event, around 1,000 artists met with Boric at the Academy of Christian Humanism in Santiago’s Providencia district to discuss their support.

Among them were Héctor “Tito” Noguera, Loreto Valenzuela, Paloma Salas and Natalia Valdebenito. Boric said, “I feel that there are moments in history when politics or concern for the common good and culture merge.” He urged the artists to reinforce his campaign with their creative skills.

While not surprising – Boric’s program mentions the promotion of culture several times – this sector’s support adds to a mounting number of organizations backing the candidate, often more to avoid a far-right government, run by a Pinochet-admirer. One such organization is Horizonte Ciudadano, created by former president Michelle Bachelet, announcing its support for Boric last week. As expected, women- and gay rights, as well as environmental organizations also support Boric.

And student organizations like Confech declared their support. In a statement, Confech said, “we decided to give our full support to the presidential candidate Gabriel Boric Font, since his program seeks to create a more just, equitable and free Chile for all and everyone who lives in it.” Support also came from over 1,000 lawyers, normally a conservative profession. Boric’s opponent, José Antonio Kast, would be “a danger to the rule of law, the separation of powers and respect for human rights,” the lawyers wrote in an open letter, according to Diario Financiero.

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