Digital revolution in Chile: a new platform to pay your taxes

SANTIAGO – Chile’s Treasury launches a new platform to pay taxes electronically. This measure responds to the necessity of having a shortcut when accessing the official page to pay taxes.

The government entity offers a new way Chileans may pay their taxes with no need to go to a branch office, which should make it easy to comply with tax obligations. Users may now access the official page from anywhere just from a smartphone. Besides they can process their payments instantly through the internet and receive a voucher of the transaction. According to the Treasury the key aim of this measure is to offer better service to contributors and optimize the usage of the resources. Reducing the costs associated to transportation and time destined to transaction are also important aspects of the platform..

In the same way, people who want to pay taxes should go to and follow the steps suggested. Furthermore, the page offers several options to comply with obligations such as real estate contributions and fiscal debts. In addition, the General Treasurer of Chile Hernán Frigolett asserted that initiatives like this have raised the virtual attention rate in two years from 57% in 2015 to 64% in 2017. Frigolett told news outlet Bio Bio Chile: “We are pretty sure that the smartphone is possibly the most massive channel in which we can produce so much fluent interaction with our contributors, so then the deal with this mobile payment system is to simplify to the maximum the fulfillment of the tax obligation.”

As a reaction to this method of payment, plenty of people interviewed by responded positively. Most Chileans see this tool favorably since it eliminates part of the bureaucracy involved. Regarding Income Motion  in 2018, Hernan Frigolett assured that the 50% of the potential declarations have already been processed, equivalent to 1,8000.000 transactions, remarking that the term for paying the fee expires on April 30.

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