Disappearances in Concepción: One girl found, two others still missing

CONCEPCIÓN – Three women who have gone missing in independent cases in one week have been shaking the Concepción region. As Darling Rioseco, who had gone missing since Friday, was found on Monday, two other women are still to be found.

Rioseco, 20 years old, reached a police station near the communa of Yumbel in the Biobío region on Monday. The reasons behind her disappearance remain unknown, but Cooperativa writes that the mother of Darling Rioseco told her neighbors that her daughter had been drugged and kidnapped by strangers. As the Police Investigation Department (PDI) is investigating the case, further comments haven´t been made on the case.

The missing of Rioseco caused unrest on students pages on social media, as she marked the third case in just one week, as earlier Tamara Zurita, 21, and Jacqueline Avaria, 42, went missing. Jacqueline Avaria took a bus from her home carrying a suitcase, backpack and some clothes, when leaving for an anti-depression treatment, according to relatives. Since then, she hasn´t been found.

Audio files found on Tamara´s phone

The third case, that of Tamara Zurita, has caused the most unrest, since she has disappeared for over a week now, since September 25. Zurita left her house near Chiguayante, also in the Concepción area, to meet a friend, but never arrived on her destination. Authorities, among them firemen and policemen with search dogs, have searched the area alongside the Bíobío river, without any result.

The mother of the missing girl, Lorna Ortega, appeared on TVN, where she revealed the police had found audio messages sent through Whatsapp on the phone of Tamara. Following literal translations, the audio files, meant for the friend Tamara was supposed to meet, contain the following messages.

“I’m nearby where we were the other day, but you’re angry”, Tamara said, referring to the park she and her friend were to meet.

“I do not want you like that, if you’re like that, you can go home.”

“But if I told you, that you had time, and that I would be around there, I told you that for a reason”

“I said it like that and I did not think you were not going to understand … I’m sorry … I’m done.”

The voice of Tamara supposedly sounded distressed, and she had been fighting over the phone with her friend. The police will continue searching, as the reasons behind her disappearance, as well as the disappearance of Jacquelina Avaria, remain unsolved.

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