Documentary Debut: The Wild Andes to go on screen

SANTIAGO –  On Mar. 20, Smithsonian Channel and Ladera Sur debut their latest documentary, The Wild Andes. The first episode of this three-part series will premiere at the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center. The documentary reveals the intimate and mysterious side of the mountain chain’s wildlife and nature.

Chile is rapidly becoming one of the world’s favorite tourist destinations, and many come to roam around the Andes Mountains. This is exactly what the new documentary by Smithsonian Channel is here to explore and represent. On Mar. 20, filmmaker Christian Baumeister from Light & Shadow GmbH and Smithsonian Channel executives Tria Thalman and David Royle debut their first episode in Chile.

The film itself took them four years and 3,200 km of travel to complete. In it, aerial shots and time lapses contrasted with extreme slow motion tell the story of the Andes in high definition. It explores the landscapes from the Chilean Patagonia south of the mountain range all the way to the cloud forests north of the Andes, in Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador. Shots of the incredible scenery are accompanied by closeups of the boundless wildlife living among it. The intimate birth of a vicuña and a puma hunting a guanaco are just two of the many thrilling experiences the documentary offers its viewers.

The first episode, Patagonia Salvaje (Wild Patagonia), starts the travels in the far south of South America, the Patagonia. It features the south’s grand glaciers, active volcanoes, and prehistoric forests. A variety of wildlife live in these extreme areas, including condors, foxes, Darwin frogs, and pumas.

Smithsonian Channel and Ladera Sur will show the episode at the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center in Santiago (Av. Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins 227, Santiago) on Mar. 20, at 7:30 pm.

On TV, the episode will air the same day at 10:00 pm on the Smithsonian Channel (Direct TV Chile, channel 1747).

The other two episodes of the series will be released on TV over the next two weeks.

The second episode, Supervivencia Extrema (Extreme Survival), will feature the vast Andine Plateau and its exotic lakes and mercurial weather that surround the areas close to the north of Chile and Argentina, west of Bolivia and south Peru. It will air Mar. 27.

The last episode, La Vida en las Nubes (Life in the Clouds), goes all the way north of the Andes, where the Ecuadorian sun falls heavy and the forests are teeming with hummingbirds—over 150 species of them. It will air Apr. 3.

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