Earthquake of magnitude 6.7 shakes Chile’s northern coast

COQUIMBO- An earthquake of magnitude 6.7 shook the northern coast of Chile. To avoid any causalities, the National Emergency Bureau (Onemi) ordered a preventive evacuation from the coast near the city of Coquimbo. These orders were canceled later since the earthquake did not meet the necessary conditions to generate a tsunami, Onemi said.

The earthquake affected a very busy beach in the north and was felt near the city of La Serena over 600km from Santiago.

Although no damage was reported, Ricardo Toro, director of the emergencies authority said that an elder person died in Peñuelas, next to La Serena, from a heart attack due to the unexpected strength of the earthquake.

The National Seismological Center reported five aftershocks.

Slight damage was seen in La Serena and surrounding areas. Parts of La Serena’s cathedral fell on the street, and some supermarkets and highways were affected. Residential homes were also damaged.

Social media users said that the earthquake could be felt even in several provinces of Argentina.

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