El Diego to the rescue – Maradona to be Argentina´s next president?

BUENOS AIRES – Surprising as ever, Diego Maradona has declared he sees himself running alongside former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner ahead of the 2019 presidential elections in Argentina. The legendary ex-football player added he wants to face current president Mauricio Macri in the next elections. “If Argentina did not explode yet, it is because God does not want it or because we have an Argentine Pope”.

In an exclusive interview with Clarin, Diego Maradona said that the first one who advised him to go into politics was former Cuban president Fidel Castro. Now he seems to have taken that advice seriously, as he said that he would be ready to face current president Macri in the upcoming elections. Preferably, with former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who is currently under investigation for corruption during her term.

“How much more will the government steal?”

El Diego said that the current crisis in the country filled him with grief. He criticized the Macri administration, saying: “I see people suffering, I see people who can´t make ends meet. How much more will the government steal? It makes me so angry: seeing a country that was stable and where suddenly everything collapsed”.

Maradona, who is currently directing the Mexican second division club Dorados de Sinaloa, after suddenly leaving his position as director of the Belarussian Club Dynamo Brest, went on by saying that people who voted Macri are now disappointed in their president. “If you ask today, they say “why the fuck did I vote for this son of a bitch?”.”

Addressing the crisis, “10” said that “if Argentina did not explode yet, it is because God doesn´t want it, or because we have an Argentine Pope”.

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