Feminists making history in Santiago – a photo series

SANTIAGO – Santiago de Chile lived history on March 8. A multitude followed the call to mobilize within the framework of the International Women’s Day. 

By Catalina Carvajal

Workers, mothers, students, grandmothers, babies and children, of all ethnicities, social strata and sexual orientations joined for the same cause: A just society, in which women do not differ from men just because of their sex. This goal moved all of us and the emotion that sparkled among us was impressive.

Photo: Catalina Carvajal

Realizing that feminism has reached the most segregated corners of our society is a very important advance and shows that this political movement does not differentiate between people, we all fit into it, because we all have something to say according to our experience of life in a patriarchal system.

Photo: Catalina Carvajal

This March 8, 2019 became a milestone for Chile. We demanded the liberation of our bodies, which have been abused, raped, harassed, violated and censored for centuries. Women seek a real change, a world in which we can walk free, calm and happy, without the fear of returning to our homes in a coffin.

Photo: Catalina Carvajal
Photo: Catalina Carvajal

Catalina Carvajal is a professional photographer in Santiago de Chile. She distributes her work mostly via Instagram. Her handle is @ccarvajalfoto.

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