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Five Fresh Delivery Options For a Healthier Lockdown


Chile Today’s #LevelUpYourLockdown series offers tips on how to support your physical and mental health during quarantine. We’ll be offering insights into Chilean movies, food options, music, and more! In this article, discover five local restaurants that deliver fresh and healthy options right to your door. 

We enjoyed a few weeks of grabbing drinks with friends, eating at our favorite restaurants, vacations, and shopping. Now it feels like we’re back to square one. Hours spent inside the home provide ample opportunities to indulge in our favorite comfort foods and TV shows.

How can you best care for your physical health when your favorite snacks are a short walk away and delicious food comes straight to your door at the click of a button?

We tried five restaurants that aim to provide you with satisfying, healthy food options that will curb your cravings while also helping you feel energized. Oh, and perhaps best of all, you’ll be supporting small businesses each time you order!

BOA Market1. BOA Market

BOA Market is dedicated to serving food that is nutritionally balanced and made with fresh and intentionally sourced ingredients. Their flavor-packed dishes such as Udon Noodles & Curry and Ensalada Arroz Basmati are served in sustainable packaging.

Don’t Miss:
Banh Mi de Panceta de Cerdo & Falafel Wrap

Instagram: @boarestoran
Website: boasantiago.cl
Available on Uber Eats and Rappi


Adhana2. ADHANA

Adhana offers 100% plant-based food options ranging from savory “vergers” to nachos piled high with a decadent assortment of fresh ingredients.

Don’t Miss:
Burrito Mex & Banana Bread

Instagram: @adhanacl
Website: adhana.cl
Available on Uber Eats


Primal3. Primal

Primal is passionate about creating foods that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Its products combine a series of elements that help to maintain the nutritional balance of health-conscious individuals while respecting the environment.

Don’t Miss:
Bowl Protein & Chia Pudding de Berries

Instagram: @primalchile
Website: primalfood.cl
Available on Uber Eats and Rappi


Jack the Juicer4. Jack the Juicer

Jack the Juicer specializes in its refreshing variety of juices, and also offers coffee, salads, and sandwiches. The company experiments with flavorful combinations of fruits and vegetables to create rich and healthy beverages.

Don’t Miss:
Rojo Exotic & Expresso Pineapple

Instagram: @jack_thejuicer
Website: jackthejuicer.cl
Available on Uber Eats and Rappi


WildRoots Salad Bar & Co.5. WildRoots Salad Bar & Co.

WildRoots Salad Bar & Co. can surely satisfy the cravings of every salad aficionado! Patons can design their dream salad from a menu of fresh ingredients. Enjoy savory soups and nutrient-packed smoothies, too!

Don’t Miss:
Crema de Zapallo Thaí y Smoothie Sueño Tropical

Instagram: @wildrootssaladbar
Available on Uber Eats and Rappi

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