Francisca Valenzuela Releases Video With Fans in Confinement

Fans that are dancing, singing, crying, fighting, kissing. Most of them in confinement. They are part of Francisca Valenzuela’s latest music video. 

Francisca Valenzuela is on her own, but not alone in her latest video La Fortaleza, which is a single from her latest album of the same name. The Chilean artist lives in the US but has fans all over the world.

A lot of them have recorded emotional contributions to this video. Most of them from their homes, some even from hospitals. The result is a video that conveys a message of cooperation to become stronger together and go through this time of pandemic.

Be Strong and Protect Each Other

Valenzuela is one of the most important Chilean artists, as her show in Viña del Mar in February showed. Her fourth and latest album has a double significance: La Fortaleza means strength but also fortress.

The song is about empowerment and introspection. It starts with:
“Everything that’s happened to me, made me who I am today.
I focus on the horizon, bury the guilt and leave.
Pack my suitcase, breathe deeply without looking back.
The rising sun, the setting sun will keep me company.”

Celebrating the Voices of Women

Valenzuela is also running a platform called Ruidosa, with which she wants to empower women. The platform’s Instagram profile says, “since 2016 we are celebrating the voices of women and artists who don’t follow the norms of the music industry.” And during the lockdown, the platform has focused on Spotify Radio and Instgram TV (IGTV) workshops to foster creativity.

On the Instagram account one can follow conversations (Armar y Desarmar) between female artists like Javiera Mena, Yorka, Natisu and Denise Rosenthal about creative processes and how to find the perfect sound.

“Not Concerts” Highlight Chilean Artists During Lockdown

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