From street to stage: street artists at Lollapalooza

SANTIAGO – Lollapalooza Chile 2019 is now in the books. For the first time, the festival featured a Callejeros stage, which brought together street artists from all over Chile. The result was a compelling mix of diverse music.

Lollapalooza Chile delighted tens of thousands last weekend with artists from around the world and up and down Chile.

Among the different stages at “LollaCL” this year was a new one that caught people’s attention: the Callejeros stage, an initiative created by the Fundación Lotus (Lotus Foundation), which brought together six bands and artists from different parts of Chile. They all had one thing in common: they were street artists.

Spaces that contribute to inclusion

Francisca Garay, in charge of Communications for Lotus, spoke with Chile Today and explained that Callejeros was born with the purpose of “making a space of inclusion and demonstration of diverse cultural expressions, that, if it were not for Callejeros, would not exist in the festival.”

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Garay said that the performers were well received, that the audience actively participated, and that people also approached Lotus to congratulate them on the initiative, so everyone at the foundation was “very happy.”

In addition, Garay said that Lotus “hopes that for the future it can continue to generate spaces that contribute to inclusion and that accommodate different cultural expressions.” She added that they hope “to be a contribution to culture, for all people no matter gender, age, nationality or socioeconomic status, but only in order to have open cultural spaces that can be a contribution to society.”

A good opportunity

Among the groups that played at the Callejeros stage was “Payavamos.” The group’s bassist, Alexis Toro, also spoke with Chile Today. He said performing was a good opportunity because it allowed the group to deliver its “message.” He also said that he and his bandmates were “very happy to have been part of the festival,” because it was a new experience for them—their “first time”—not only as performers, but as attendees.

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Toro echoed Garay, saying that Callejeros “was a good space, because it allowed street artists to show their art, in a space that may not always be given to them.” In addition, he added that the audience’s reception “was great.” “People took the time to listen,” which allowed them to make themselves known.

The stage was located in the “Food Garden” to provide a pleasant space for festival attendees to enjoy a moment of relaxation and comfort.

Rock and Family

Callejeros was not the only new initiative at the festival. Lotus also installed a stage called “Rock and Family” in Kidzapalooza  (the children’s sector of LollaCL), in which they invited children and families to perform songs from the popular repertoire of world music.

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