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Gender parity not guaranteed in new constitution


The preliminary first chapters the expert commission drafting a new Constitution approved do not mention the concept of gender parity. This deficiency sparked some criticism. However, a later amendment period should provide opportunity for introducing the concept.

An article on gender party in the preliminary draft of the new Constitution is drawing fire from female lawmakers and members of the expert commission writing the document.

The article in question establishes that men and women have equal rights to pursue political office and that the state must “guarantee the exercise of full citizenship by women.” But it does not mention the term parity. Although the state should promote a gender equal society, the draft’s wording leaves room for interpretation.

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According to media reports, commission member Leslie Sánchez, representing the government-allied Liberal Party, said “why not explicitly establish parity and allow other women to be present in the decisionmaking process in all state functions?”

Her colleague, Catalina Lagos, member of the Socialist Party, said, “this rule does not have the capacity we would like to see in order to consolidate a parity democracy.”

During a Sunday night political talkshow, a prominent journalist quoted an unnamed senator from the opposition Chile Vamos coalition as saying that a constitutional reform was needed to modify the current wording for the final proposal. 

On the campaign trail in 2021, President Gabriel Boric promised to make gender equity a main pillar of his presidency. Half his cabinet is female, earning Chile a spot among the most gender-equal governments in the world. 

The expert commission approved a preliminary draft meant to reflect minimum agreements. The process will advance throughout the year and the governing coalition plans to push for more precise gender parity language during the amendment period.

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