Government coalition teams up with the Christian Democratic Party for local elections

Parties from the governing coalition will join lists with the Christian Democratic Party at the municipal and regional elections of 2024. Leaders of the parties came to an agreement on Oct. 10. The progressive bloc hopes to make a stand against ultraconservative candidates across the country.

In a significant political breakthrough, the leftist parties of the governing coalition have agreed to join lists with the Christian Democratic Party (DC) for the municipal and regional elections in 2024.

The decision was made after a conclave among all parties involved, where they discussed the constituent process, the future of the government, and the current political landscape. They also proposed to tighten collaboration on a national level, although the DC is not part of the government. The party does, however, hold key votes in Chile’s parliament, where the governing coalition does not hold a majority.

In a statement, the newly formed alliance took distance from the current proposed Constitutional draft, designed by a conservative majority. “The way in which the process heads, it is difficult to see how a united Chile can emerge from it, especially since the proposal implies a strong setback in rights and guarantees,” the statement reads.

About the united list, the parties said that they commit themselves “to act with the greatest programmatic unity to advance in the urgent citizen demands that require strengthening public, social and economic security.”


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