Government launches three separate investigations: “No link to robbery”

SANTIAGO – In the aftermath of the death of Camilo Catrillanca, the government has announced they will launch three separate investigations. Although there still exists a lot of uncertainty about the cause of death of the 24-year-old Mapuche man, minister of Justice Hernán Larraín ruled out the involvement of Catrillanca in the robbery of the cars. “It seems there is no link”.

Minister of Internal Affairs Andrés Chadwick has announced the government will launch three investigations in the aftermath of the death of Camilo Catrillanca. The Mapuche man died after receiving a stray bullet in the neck, last week in the Araucanía region during a shootout between armed men and an elite police force, often referred to as Jungle Command.

The investigations will focus on:

  • Finding the ones responsible for stealing vehicles from teachers – a robbery that resulted in a car chase and eventually the fatal shooting.
  • The death of Camilo, who received bullet in his back
  • The destruction of footage of the shooting by Carabineros involved – this can be seen as obstruction of justice.

The 15-year-old boy who accompanied Catrillanca during his last moments, has already given his statements in the regional office of the Prosecutor. Earlier, the Institute for Human Rights in Chile (INDH) had accused Carabineros of beating up the witness after arresting him.

The government has not responded to these accusations. The tractor, that was being driven by Catrillanca at the moments of the fatal shooting, has also been taken for investigation.

’15-year-old who accompanied Catrillanca was tortured after his arrest’

“No connection between Catrillanca and the robbery”

Minister of Justice Hernán Larraín has said that in the first days after the shooting, a lot of misinformation has been spread about the cause of death of Catrillanca, his criminal record and the robbery that occurred before. The minister spoke on meeting with students, according to CNN Chile.

Various governmental bodies, from mayors up to ministers, told media different things in the aftermath of the shooting.

Luis Mayol, mayor of la Araucanía, had said that Catrillanca had a criminal record, for grand theft. This proved to be false but caused media to link Catrillanca immediately to the robbery that resulted in the fatal shooting. Larraín called the comments “a serious error”.

Larraín also said that as of now “it seems that Catrillanca had no connection to the assault and theft of those vehicles”.

He added that all events need to be clarified in order to restore peace in the region and in the country.

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