Government responds with deluge to ‘legislative drought’

SANTIAGO – President Piñera will send five projects his administration deems essential to Congress during the next 90 days. With this measure the government hopes to deflate opposition complaints about a “legislative drought.”

Sebastián Piñera has said he will seek congressional approval for at least five key law projects within the next three months. The announcement comes after the opposition  claims to have detected a “legislative drought.” Piñera dismissed the criticism, saying that the government has presented all necessary laws so far.

After a political debate, the president established the end of the evaluation and the start of the development of five projects he deems essential. They include Carabineros’ modernization, free pre-school education, pension system reform, health insurance (Isapres) modernization, and tax reform.

Public Integrity Law

Regarding to the modernization of the Carabineros police force, Piñera said “we are going to supply all the police institutions with tools and instruments. We are to give them a tactical operation system and a unique databank shared by all the organizations that fight crime.” On healthcare Piñera promised “we are going to send the project that modernizes the Isapres system, establishing a more equitable way to distribute the maternity and retirement benefit costs.”

Beyond the essential projects, the government has also proposed a Public Integrity Law, regulating access to public administration; digitalizing the state so that every ministry and public service information flows through integrated databases; punishment for damaging public property; outlawing alcohol consumption in public spaces; and updating the Environmental Impact Evaluation System.

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