Greenpeace launches campaign against the use of plastic during Halloween

SANTIAGO – As thousands of Chileans celebrate Halloween tomorrow, with all the festivities that go along with it, Greenpeace has launched a new campaign. The idea behind the campaign is to make Chileans aware of their use of plastic. People often buy plastic decorations only for Halloween, to throw them away once the festivities are over.

According to the Greenpeace campaign, over 25.000 tons of plastic are floating around in Chilean waters – an amount Greenpeace compares with the weight of 3.220 African elephants. The initiative, called #ChileSinPlásticos, has already gathered 12.000 followers in Chile and is now putting out a warning ahead of Halloween, to be careful with the amount of plastic people buy and use.

With Halloween, most people buy candy wrapped in plastic, cups and plates made of plastic, lighting and decorations from plastic and this way the festivities turn out to be a “nightmare of plastic” for the environment, according to Greenpeace. The campaign has released five recommendations, to decrease plastic contamination during Halloween:

  1. The shopping: When going shopping for the festivities, use reusable cloth bags. Try to buy in bulk and when buying sodas, buy them with reusable glass bottles.
  2. The disguises: (re)use materials that do not include plastic. Be creative and decorate costumes with cardboard, paper and other more sustainable materials. Or just use last years disguises.
  3. The party: If you organize a party, send digital invitations and send them by email or social networks. You can also record a video. The virtual options are the most sustainable in this case.
  4. The decorations: On Halloween, illumination is key. Try using LED-lighting or use low consumption light bulbs. Or, always with care, try to use candles.
  5. Trick or treat: Buy your sweets in boxes and avoid buying sweets wrapped in plastic. When having a dinner, try to avoid the use of plastic plates, cups and cutlery.

Greenpeace isn´t the only organization who put out a warning ahead of Halloween. Watch the creative campaign in which the Chilean Carabineros warn for drunk driving, in a Michael Jacksons “Thriller”-styled video.


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