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Guide to self-cultivation of cannabis in Chile

The self-cultivation of cannabis has aroused growing interest in Chile, especially due to the legalization of the purchase of marijuana-related products for medicinal and recreational use.

However, doubts persist about the legality of self-cultivation, and less is known about the country’s stance on this activity.

If you are interested in carrying out your own marijuana plantation for personal consumption, it is essential to be informed about the legal issue in Chile, and of course, what you need to start with it if possible.

Is it legal to do this activity in Chile?

Although the legality of self-cultivation of cannabis in Chile may generate some uncertainty, it is important to note that, since 2016, a bill decriminalizing this practice has been approved.

In other words, self-cultivation of marijuana is legal, as long as it is intended solely for personal consumption and not for sale. This means that you can grow your own cannabis plants in the comfort of your home, but respecting the established regulations and restrictions.

Knowing this, you should not have any legal problem with regard to self-cultivation, and the fact is that the sale of marijuana illegally is punishable by law, and you can even go to jail as a result of it.

What will you need for your homegrow?

Before you dive into the exciting world of cannabis self-cultivation, it is essential to have the right accessories and tools to ensure a successful and healthy process for your plants.

You should make the purchase of the following means that we will mention, which you can do at, an online store that offers everything with regard to the subject, and from where it is possible to obtain quality products, for low prices, you should purchase the following:

  • Proper potting. Choosing a pot of adequate size is fundamental for the healthy development of your plants. It should also have a drainage system designed for this case.
  • Quality substrate. The substrate will provide the nutrients and the ideal environment for the growth of the roots, and not just any type of soil will do for the marijuana plant to grow well.
  • Artificial lighting. Since cannabis requires a significant amount of light, especially during its growth phase, you will need artificial lighting, especially if you plant indoors. Full-spectrum LED lights are an excellent choice, as they emulate sunlight and promote vigorous growth.
  • Ventilation and extraction. A proper ventilation system is essential to maintain a constant airflow and avoid problems such as mold and mildew. In addition, an extraction system will help control the temperature and humidity in the growing space, so it is recommended that neither be missing.
  • Nutrients for growth. Cannabis plants need a number of nutrients to grow healthily, just like other plants in general. You can find specific fertilizers for cannabis that provide the essential elements at different stages of growth for more profit.
  • pH and EC meters. These meters will allow you to monitor the level of acidity, i.e. pH, and the concentration of nutrients, or electrical conductivity, in the water and substrate. Maintaining adequate values is crucial for the good development of the plants, therefore, they cannot be missing among what you require for the activity of self-cultivation.
  • Automatic waterer. To free you from the task of watering the plant at certain times of the day, with the most appropriate amount, automatic waterers are fantastic, because you can program them as required. There are a large number of types of sprinklers on the market, you will only have to look and select the one you like the most.
  • Shears and pruning accessories. As plants grow, they will require pruning and training to maximize production. Pruning shears and accessories for careful handling of the plants will be necessary to cut them without mistreating them, but rather helping them to be in the best condition.

Step by step to start the activity

Once you have at hand all the accessories and elements that play a role in self-cultivation, you will want to start immediately to get the fruits of the buds as soon as possible.

Planting for your own cannabis consumption, however, requires patience, additionally, you have to comply with the following steps and tips over several weeks to do so:

  • Research and planning. Research the different cannabis strains and choose the one that best suits your preferences and needs. Plan the growing space, considering lighting, ventilation and available space.
  • Germination. Start the process by germinating your seeds using one of the most common methods, such as wet paper towels or using jiffys for this step to place them inside, and after a few days, witness the growth of their roots.
  • Planting. Transplant the germinated seeds into pots with suitable substrate. Make sure to maintain a temperature and humidity that is recommended for this case, and you will be able to plant these seeds without much trouble to start their growth.
  • Growth and flowering. As the plants grow, monitor their light, water and nutrient needs. During the flowering stage, adjust the lighting to encourage bud production, which is most essential for a good harvest.
  • Harvesting and drying. Once the buds are ripe, harvesting begins. For this, cut the plants and perform a controlled drying process to preserve the quality of the final product.
  • Curing and storage. After drying, a curing process follows to improve the flavor and potency of the cannabis. Store the buds in airtight glass jars in a dark and cool place, so that they are available when you want to consume them.

Siéntete libre de complementar esta información con otra que encuentres, porque la idea es apuntar a hacerse con resultados dignos, que permitan que todo el proceso haya valido la pena al final del día.

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