Heavy Rainfall in Chile Causes Flooding and Power Cuts

SANTIAGO – At least seven regions in Chile are experiencing problems due to unusually heavy rainfall over the last few days. From different parts of the country, reports are coming in of flooded streets. Thousands of people across the country are also now without electricity.

From the Biobío region in the south to the Atacama region in the north, Chile has been experiencing an unusual amount of rainfall over the last few days. Although the agricultural sector in regions with drought welcome the water, the rain has caused problems and police and firefighters have received hundreds of reports of flooded streets and basements, fallen trees, and power cuts.

In the Maule and Ñuble regions, rivers are reportedly about to overflow their banks, and bridges are closed. In Maipú and Pudahuel in the Metropolitan region, police had to help free people who were stuck in their cars on flooded streets.

Heavy wind in the O’Higgins region caused trees to fall, resulting in road closures. High winds also hit the Biobío region, where several homes in the coastal town of Talcahuano were damaged by flying objects.

Although rain and wind are not unusual in wintertime in Chile, the last few years winters in the country were calmer and sunnier. The wet weather is expected to last at least until the weekend.

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