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Hollywood Artists Demand Carabineros Drop Las Tesis Lawsuit

A petition supported by several Hollywood artists demands Carabineros de Chile drop the lawsuit against feminist collective Las Tesis. Carabineros claims Las Tesis incite violence against police in their song 1312, which is a joint production with the Russian feminist group Pussy Riot. Carabineros  took the legal action in June.

The petition, started by Patriarchy is our Judge, has been widely shared on social media. Among its signatories count actress Natalie Portman, comedian Amy Schumer, and Chilean actress and model Leonora Varela. The petition says that “in 2019, LAS TESIS rattled the world by performing Un Violador En Tu Camino (A Rapist In Your Path,) a powerful performance art piece which decries violence against womxn and the oppressive systems that perpetuate police brutality, rape culture, and femicide.” 

Supporters “believe when systems of power attack even one womxn for daring to stand against societal violence, they attack all womxn.” The petition would also show President Sebastian Piñera that the world is watching how Chile is dealing with its entrenched macho culture.

Las Tesis gained some fame when “A Rapist in Your Path” was reproduced across Chile and in several countries. The chant draws attention toward sexism and abuse and the impunity predators often enjoy. 

In 1312, Las Tesis condemn the repression and abuse police forces committed during the social uprising that started in October last year. The production is the result of a collaboration with Russia’s Pussy Riot. Carabineros de Chile, however, claim lyrics like “fire at the police” are offensive and incite violence. 

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