In 13 minutes with cable car from Providencia to Huechuraba

SANTIAGO – Although the plans were there already, today the Ministry of Public Works together with the Municipality of Providenica have announced they will start the construction of the “Bicentennial Cable Car”. The cable car will connect the commune of Providencia with Huechuraba. The entire ride takes about 13 minutes.

It took several months, numerous reunions and presentations, but all parties involved have finally come to an agreement. Although an official statement has not been given yet, spokesmen from both the Ministry of Public Works and the Municipality of Providencia have confirmed all parties are set.

The cable car will bring passengers in just 13 minutes from the commune of Providencia to the commune of Huechuraba. The project, that has a projected cost of about 80 million dollars, will consist of 148 cabins with room for ten passengers in each cabin.

At the moment, Santiago already has a cable car, that is used to transport people to and from the San Cristóbal Hill. That project is notably smaller: with only 47 cabins that have a capacity of 6 passengers each. The attraction is popular among tourists and especially in weekens, long lines can be found at the entrance.

See the promotional video about the newly announced project here:

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