IN PICTURES: Procession Virgen del Carmen in Penco, Bíobío-region

In the village of Penco, in the Bíobío region, this Sunday a procession was held in honor of the Virgen del Carmen. All communes in the region came in traditional clothing, carrying images of the Virgin and singing religious chants. Chile Today was present and captured the procession in ten pictures.

Chilean flags wave in the wind ahead of the procession.
Various communes are represented in the procession.
Chilean huasos in traditional clothing are present, to safeguard the procession.
Angels, protected against the sun.


A smaller image of Virgen del Carmen is being carried through the streets of Penco.
Procession or not, always a good time to chat.
The huasos also carry banners and colors their communes.
Various scenes from the bible are being portrayed.
The moment all have been waiting for: the statue of Virgen del Carmen.
After a long day, horses need to drink.

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