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INDH Presents New Figures: 1,200 Detainees Are Underage

SANTIAGO – According to new figures released by the National Institute of Human Rights, there have been 10,365 detained since the beginning of the social protests four months ago. Among those, 1,200 are “underage”—under the age of 18. The institute has also received new complaints that the police have caused eye injuries.

Four months after the beginning of the social protests, the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH) has released a new report on human rights abuses. This new report includes nearly 1,000 previously unlisted detainees as well as new accusations of sexual abuse. There was also an update on the presented legal actions being pursued by the victims.

The INDH also presented a new figure as to those who ended up in medical centers. The INDH emphasized that these last numbers represent only the incidents that they have personally monitored and confirmed, as the institute has only visited 64 medical centers since Oct. 19.

Alexis Aguirre, National Coordinator for the specialized legal cases of the INDH, said, “As an institution, we are worried that during the second half of January we continue receiving complaints and noting the existence of ocular injuries in people who were exercising their right to peacefully protest.”

He also restated that the Carabineros (Chilean national police) need to stick to the pre-established protocols for maintaining public order. Aguirre also noted that he had been responsible for 1,312 legal actions and emphasized that “[t]he National Institute of Human Rights will continue to fulfill its legal mandate by promoting the unrestricted respect of fundamental human rights of every inhabitant of the national territory.”

Police Reform: How to Reshape a Criticized Institution?

Criticism of the Carabineros Continues: Reforms aren’t Happening

This new report continues the trend of allegations of police violence after the Piñera administration said that it would reform the Carabineros in response to the United Nations report on human rights violations. At the moment, the argument is that the reforms haven’t been drastic enough. Thus, Human rights organizations have criticized this lack of change in light of the lists of reforms they have suggested as essential to avoiding violations in the future.

Right-wing politicians, on the other hand, blame the INDH for politicizing human rights.

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