Innovative entrepreneurs will receive free training in the Metropolitan region

SANTIAGO – 20 of the best innovative entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to opt to a 3-months capacitation course completely free. By means of a capacitation program, anyone who have innovative ideas will be able to see how their projects turn into sustainable business.

The capacitation is offered by the Creative Entrepreneur Formation Program CEFP, and during the term the amount of participants will be divided into groups of 2 or 3 people and they will receive a series of skills and knowledge about economic management for the selected projects and entrepreneurship. All of them have to emphasize on digital contents, new narratives or emerging technologies. Besides, a special treatment will be given to those who develop and give value to aspects like culture, patrimony, migration, human rights, environmental rights and others.

Related to the above, a group of more skilled entrepreneurs and businessmen participated in a strategic conference to analyze the platform of integration of Small and medium entrepreneurs, in which the Executive Director of the Government Laboratory Juan Felipe Gomez told “the entrepreneur environment has several solutions to improve the life conditions for all of us. So this kind of exercises where functionaries as well as civilians, entrepreneurs and businessmen can work together figuring out the solutions that can help us to improve our economy and life style”.

A blooming financial Innovation in Chile

The fact that many projects are being delivered by Chileans represents a launching platform for a more self-sustainable economy in Chile. A case in point is CryptoMkt, an innovation in matter of crypto currency created by Martin Jofre and Rafael Meruane, a pair of Chileans who dared to go beyond and decided to revolutionize  the market of digital values in Chile by creating Crypto Market, the first currency exchange of Ethers (virtual coin) in Latin America.  The need for a more effective and fast financial transaction system provided them with the opportunity to show an idea that no one had shown in the region before.

In addition the cofounder and executive producer of Buda (another Crypto currency) told Bloomberg in an interview in Santiago: “the market of crypto currencies in Chile Is small but blooming” and referred to “Chaucha” and “Luka” as examples of innovation in crypto currencies made Chile, also remarking that both Buda and KyptoMrkt not only operate in the country but also in several countries of Latin America.

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