Investigators ignore data storage devices found in Martín Pradenas’ cell

Rape suspect Martín Pradenas hid several data storage devices in his cell. He refused to provide information about the content and the district attorney deems it unnecessary to investigate. The father of Pradenas’ alleged victim said an investigation is necessary to get the whole truth.

Prison guards found four hard drives and three memory cards in Martín Pradenas’ cell in Temuco, but the district attorney refuses to investigate.

Pradenas is the prime suspect in the rape of 20-year-old Antonia Barra in 2019. Three weeks after the alleged incident, Barra killed herself. The case has gripped the nation.

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The devices were found in July already but the incident became public knowledge only on Monday. Broadcaster CHV Noticias reported that Pradenas refused to provide information on the data stored when being interrogated by prison guards. As punishment, he was barred from receiving visits for 15 days.

Although guards reported the incident in line with protocols, district attorney Miguel Ángel Rojas found it unnecessary to have the devices examined.

Antonia Barra’s father told CHV Noticias that “if they don’t take it to the lab to get a report, we won’t know what happened. It’s important for us to get a report.”

Pradenas is also being investigated for obstruction of justice, because he hid a second cell phone he used to contact Barra. Previously, his mother had claimed she destroyed his cell phone, which was a key piece of evidence.

Although Pradenas is denying all accusations, other women are also claiming to have been assaulted by him.

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