It is National Piscola Day: What are we celebrating?

SANTIAGO – Anyone coming to Chile will at some point come across the famous Piscola. February 8th is named National Piscola Day around the country.  A simple drink that makes up for some great nights: mix pisco with coca-cola, and you are done! 

February 8th was named National Piscola Day, and it is celebrated since 2003. The date was established by national pisco companies in response to the national pisco sour day in Peru.  This year it just so happens it falls on a Friday. Even better: bars all around the country are celebrating with discounts and promotions!

With so many choices of licor around, many people question why Chileans lean so much on pisco. It is not something anyone enjoys out of shots (like say vodka, or tequila), and worse yet by itself on the rocks (like whisky or rum). So how is it, that an alcoholic drink, loved by nearly all Chileans, and later expats and tourists, became so popular?

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The 40s? The 70s?

No one knows exactly who the genius was that began mixing pisco and coke. Some say it began around the 1940’s when pisco was first seen brought to Chile. says “It’s popularity spiked during the 70s, when other foreign distilleries like rum or whisky began to be scarce.” Soon enough it was found in almost every bar in Chile, usually at lower prices of other distilled drinks.

The recipe can vary from person to person, depending on taste and expertise. It is based simply on a tall glass, fill the cup with ice cubes, one third of pisco, and the rest of coke. Some like the “white piscola” better, going for a sweeter taste, and mix it with sprite or gingerale. All styles are found at bars and discotheques all around Chile, usually in promotions. First timers beware of making yourselves a “tecito”, which is when the amount of pisco is clearly too much for the coke, and it ends up looking like tea

Around the city of Santiago, today you can find plenty of bars ready to celebrate and show off Chile’s national drink. Bar de René or Santos Bar in Barrio Italia serve piscolas that you can divide between two cups! In Providencia you can find bars such as Estación Condell who are having an all you can drink promotion. Finally, in Vitacura, Social Bar & Cocinas is giving a 10% discount on all pisco related menus.

Enjoy this special friday out with friends, and please drink responsibly. Pisco is a 35° and 40° drink, so it is something to drink calmly and enjoy with a good conversation.

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