La Florida mayor ruffles feathers with narco house demolition policy

Rodolfo Carter, who is the mayor of Santiago’s La Florida district, faces legal scrutiny over a policy to destroy so-called narco houses. Carter and the national public prosecutor met to discuss the policy. Rising crime has become a hot button issue in the country, including in La Florida.

The mayor of Santiago’s La Florida district, Rodolfo Carter, and Chile’s public prosecutor, Ángel Valencia, met to discuss the legality of Carter’s anti-drug policies.

Carter moved into the media spotlight because he ordered the demolition of so-called narco houses, property allegedly owned by drug traffickers.

Being present at a recent demolition, Carter claimed that criminals shouted death threats at him and fired bullets into the air.

Media reported Carter as saying that “nobody said it was going to be easy. Evidently, these [measures] have risks. Personally I’m scared, but we don’t have options. We have to confront this situation once and for all.” At least four supposed narco houses have been destroyed, but reports emerged that innocents have been affected.

Carter said the district attorney’s office has provided extra protection for his family.

Meanwhile, the national public prosecutor’s office said only a municipal Works Department may demolish houses. But Carter claimed to have permits.

“In La Florida, we have decided to fight using the law, respecting the rights and protecting the innocents, especially those that couldn’t shout, those that are inside their houses with fear, waiting for the law to be enforced,” Carter said.

“Because municipal officials don’t carry guns, and they don’t have the capacity to defend themselves, we ask that the government gets to work and provides resources so that we could start work immediately,” he said

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