Migrants from Latin America Tell Their Stories in Theatre

SANTIAGO – Thirteen Latin American migrants participate in a new theater program specially designed for immigrants, and come together to tell their stories in “Fragmentos de Sol”. The show is free and open to the public thanks to Corporación CoArtRe and is opening its curtains on August 13th at Centro Comunitario Carol Urzúa in Santiago.

Being an immigrant is never easy, making the decision can become a life changing event.  So what drives people to leave their country where they have their whole lives built? What are their expectations, dreams…what are they looking for? More importantly, what do they find once they reach the new place they now call home?

Corporación CoArtRe designed a new program called “Taller de teatro para migrantes”, a workshop designed specifically for migrants started in June this year and has been home to many stories of around the world. The result of these stories is now called “Fragmentos de Sol” or Sun Fragments, and reflects on their lives in Chile and how to coexist in another land.

Migrants telling their story

The people involved are all migrants who have come to Chile throughout the last decade, and have dedicated their time to reconstruct small scenes of their biographies. Pictures, letters, objects and even personal documents make up the stories shown in the play and answer to the most common questions they get as migrants. What motivates them to leave? What do they find once they get there? Why are they pushed to migrate? They have come together to share to the public their deepest reflexions, questionings, struggles and dreams that mean being a migrant in this country called Chile.

The show will premiere on August 13th in Centro Comunitario Carol Urzúa and is funded by the Culture, Arts, and Patrimony Ministry through its program named Other Collaborating Institutions. It is free to anyone interested in seeing it and discovering a side not often understood by others, especially those who have never had to make such decisions.

Dramatic Art: Collective

Director: José Tomás González

Cast: Yorma Calderón, David Mendoza, José García, Davidson Pierre, Romina Pirruccio, Renzo Ríos, Aida Morales, Héctor Villanueva, Edicsi Barrios, Carlos García, Ricardo Díaz, Brailing Rodríguez, Antonio Pizarro.

Premiere Night: August 13th @ Centro Comunitrio Carol Urzúa; Av. Santa Rosa 1727, Santiago

Time: 19:30 hrs

Entrance: Free

Watch the Trailer here:

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